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come across
meet/find by chance
come by
come down with
become ill from (a cold, the flu, etc)
come into
come off
1) happen 2) succeed
come out
1) be published 2) bloom
come round
1) visit casually 2) regain consciousness/come to 3) be persuaded to change opinion
come on
come along; hurry
come through
come up
be mentioned
come up to
equal (British)
come up with
find (an answer, solution, idea etc)
cut across
take a shorter route
cut back on
reduce (production)
cut down
reduce the length of something
cut down on
reduce amount consumed
cut in
interrupt (conversation)
cut off
be cut off
be isolated
cut out
leave out, remove
be cut out for
be suited for
cut up
cut into smaller pieces (meat, vegetables, etc)