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put aside
save (usually money)
put away
put in the usual place
put down
1) supress by force 2) write down; make a note 3) attribute to 4) criticize
put forward
put off
put on
1) switch on 2) increase (weight) 3) pretend to be/have (British)
put out
1) extinguish 2) cause inconvenience
put up
1) offer hospitality 2) erect (a monument, tent, etc.) 3) raise prices (British)
put up with
tolerate someone/something that isn't very pleasant
run across
Meet or find by chance
run after
run away with
run down
1) (of a battery) Lose power 2) (passive) Be exhausted 3) Knock down 4) Speak badly of sb.
run into
1) Meet unexpectedly 2) Collide with
run out of
Come to an end
run over
Read through quickly; review
run up against
Face; encounter
run through
Examine quickly; rehearse