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speak ojibwe to me
indaga wiidookawishin
please help me
indaga wiindamawishin
please tell me
indaga waabanda'ishin
please show me
indaga bi-wiidabimishin
please come sit with me
indaga miizhishin...
please give me...
Indaga ininamawishin...
please hand me...
Aaniin ge-ikidoyamban...
How would you say...
Aaniin keyaa ge-ikidoyan...
How do you say...
Aaniin keyaa ge-ikidoyamban...
How would you say...
Aaniin ezhinikaadeg o’o?
What is this called?
Aaniin ezhinikaazod wa’aw?
What is s/he (animal/person) called?
Aaniin ezhinikaadeg i’iw?
What is that called?
Aaniin ezhi-wiinjigaadeg?
What’s it called?
Aaniin ezhinikaadaman?
What do you call it?
Aaniin ezhinikaanad?
What do you call him/her (animal/person)?
indaga miinawaa ikidon
please say it again
gaawiin ninisidotanziin
I don’t understand
I understand
niwii-kagwejimin gegoo
I want to ask you something
Nidaa-gagwejimin ina gegoo?
Can I ask you something?
Mii na keyaa?
Is that the right way?
Mii na gwayak?
Is that right?