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argūmentum, argūmentī (n.)
proof, evidence, argument
familia, familiae (f.)
household, family
auctor, auctōris (m.)
increaser; author, originator
beneficium, beneficiī (n.)
benefit, kindness; favor
iūdex, iūdicis (m.)
judge, juror
Graecia, Graeciae (f.)
scelus, sceleris (n.)
evil deed, crime, sin, wickedness
iūdicium, iūdiciī (n.)
judgment, decision, opinion; trial
quī?, quae?, quod?
what? which? what kind of?; (exclam.) what (a)! what sort of!
quis? quid?
who? whose? whom? what? which?
gravis, grave
heavy, weighty; serious, important; severe, grievous
certus, certa, certum
definite, sure, certain, reliable
but; but, mind you; but, you say
immortālis, immortāle
not subject to death, immortal
contrā (+ acc.)
if ... not ..., unless; except
dēlectō, dēlectāre, dēlectāvī, dēlectātum
to delight, charm, please
now, already, soon
parō, parāre, parāvī, parātum
to prepare, provide; get, obtain
līberō, līberāre, līberāvī, līberātum
to free, liberate