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casa, casae (f.)
house, cottage, hut
causa, causae (f.)
cause, reason; case, situation
for the sake of, on account of
fenestra, fenestrae (f.)
fīnis, fīnis (m.)
end, limit, boundary; purpose
fīnēs, fīnium (m.)
boundaries, territory
gēns, gentis (f.)
clan, race, nation, people
mundus, mundī (m.)
world, universe
nāvis, nāvis (f.)
ship, boat
salūs, salūtis (f.)
health, safety; greeting
Trōia, Trōiae (f.)
vīcīnus, vīcīnī (m.)
neighbour (m.)
vīcīna, vīcīnae (f.)
neighbour (f.)
vulgus, vulgī (n.)
the common people, mob, rabble
asper, aspera, asperum
rough, harsh
atque, ac
and also, and even, and in fact
again, a second time
contineō, continēre, continuī, contentum
to hold together, contain, keep, enclose, restrain
iubeō, iubēre, iussī, iussum
to bid, order, command
labōrō, labōrāre, labōrāvī, labōrātum
to labour; be in distress
rapiō, rapere, rapuī, raptum
to seize, snatch, carry away
relinquō, relinquere, relīquī, relictum
to leave behind, leave, abandon, desert
sciō, scīre, scīvī, scītum
to know
tangō, tangere, tetigī, tāctum
to touch