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Carthāgō, Carthāginis (f.)
fābula, fābulae (f.)
story, tale; play
imperātor, imperātōris (m.)
general, commander-in-chief, emperor
imperium, imperiī (n.)
power to command, supreme power, authority, command, control
perfugium, perfugiī (n.)
refuge, shelter
servus, servī (m.)
slave (m.)
serva, servae (f.)
slave (f.)
sōlācium, sōlāciī (n.)
comfort, relief
vulnus, vulneris (n.)
re-, red-
again, back
as, just as, when
accipiō, accipere, accēpī, acceptum
to take (to one's self), receive, accept
excipiō, excipere, excēpī, exceptum
to take out, except; take, receive, capture
recipiō, recipere, recēpī, receptum
to take back, regain; admit, receive
pellō, pellere, pepulī, pulsum
to strike, push; drive out, banish
expellō, expellere, expulī, expulsum
to drive out, expel, banish
nārrō, nārrāre, nārrāvī, nārrātum
to tell, report, narrate
quaerō, quaerere, quaesīvī, quaesītum
to seek, look for, strive for; ask, inquire, inquire into
rīdeō, rīdēre, rīsī, rīsum
to laugh, laugh at