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arma, armōrum (n. pl.)
arms, weapons
cursus, cursūs (m.)
running, race; course
lūna, lūnae (f.)
occāsiō, occāsiōnis (f.)
occasion, opportunity
parēns, parentis (m./f.)
stēlla, stēllae (f.)
star, planet
vesper, vesperis, vesperī (m.)
evening; evening star
mortuus, mortua, mortuum
prīnceps, prīncipis
chief, foremost
prīnceps, prīncipis (m./f.)
leader, emperor
(+ subj.) in order that, so that, that, in order to, so as to, to; or (+ indic.) as, when
not; in order that ... not ..., that ... not ..., in order not to
cēdō, cēdere, cessī, cessum
to go, withdraw; yield to, grant, submit
dēdicō, dēdicāre, dēdicāvī, dēdicātum
to dedicate
egeō, egēre, eguī (+ abl./gen.)
to need, lack, want
expleō, explēre, explēvī, explētum
to fill, fill up, complete
praestō, praestāre, praestitī, praestitum
to excel; exhibit, show, offer, supply, furnish
taceō, tacēre, tacuī, tacitum
to be silent, leave unmentioned