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as, assis (m.)
an as (small copper coin)
auxilium, auxiliī (n.)
aid, help
digitus, digitī (m.)
finger, toe
elephantus, elephantī (m./f.)
exsilium, exsiliī (n.)
exile, banishment
invidia, invidiae (f.)
envy, jealousy, hatred
rūmor, rūmōris (m.)
rumor, gossip
vīnum, vīnī (n.)
mediocris, mediocre
ordinary, moderate, mediocre
(+ subj.) when, since, although; (+ indic.) when
apud (+ acc.)
among, in the presence of, at the house of
a single time, once, once and for all, simultaneously
all the way, up (to), even (to), continuously, always
doleō, dolēre, doluī, dolitūrum
to grieve, suffer; hurt, give pain
dormiō, dormīre, dormīvī, dormītum
to sleep
ferō, ferre, tulī, lātum
to bear, carry, bring; suffer, endure, tolerate; say, report
adferō, adferre, attulī, allātum
to bring to
cōnferō, cōnferre, contulī, collātum
to bring together, compare; confer, bestow
sē cōnferre
to go
offerō, offerre, obtulī, oblātum
to offer
referō, referre, rettulī, relātum
to carry back, bring back; repeat, answer, report
invideō, invidēre, invīdī, invīsum
to be envious; (+ dat.) to look at with envy, envy, be jealous of
occidō, occidere, occidī, occāsum
to fall down; die; set