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custōdia, custōdiae (f.)
protection, custody; guards (pl.)
exercitus, exercitūs (m.)
paupertās, paupertātis (f.)
poverty, humble circumstances
dīves, dīvitis/dītis
rich, wealthy
pār, paris (+ dat.)
equal, like
pauper, pauperis
of small means, poor
dummodo (+ subj.)
provided that, so long as
mālō, mālle, māluī
to want (something) more, instead; prefer
nōlō, nōlle, nōluī
to not ... wish, be unwilling
pateō, patēre, patuī
to be open, lie open; be accessible; be evident
praebeō, praebēre, praebuī, praebitum
to offer, provide
prōmittō, prōmittere, prōmīsī, prōmissum
to send forth; promise
volō, velle, voluī
to wish, want, be willing, will