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Athēnae, Athēnārum (f. pl.)
domus, domūs, domī (f.)
house, home
domī (f.)
at home
domum (f.)
(to) home
domō (f.)
from home
humus, humī (f.)
ground, earth; soil
iter, itineris (n.)
journey; route, road
rūs, rūris (n.)
the country, countryside
Syrācūsae, Syrācūsārum (f. pl.)
absēns, absentis
absent, away
grātus, grāta, grātum
pleasing, agreeable; grateful
idōneus, idōnea, idōneum
suitable, fit, appropriate
immōtus, immōta, immōtum
unmoved; unchanged; unrelenting
out of doors, outside
eō, īre, iī, itum
to go
abeō, abīre, abiī, abitum
to go away, depart, leave
adeō, adīre, adiī, aditum
to go to, approach
exeō, exīre, exiī, exitum
to go out, exit
ineō, inīre, iniī, initum
to enter into, begin
obeō, obīre, obiī, obitum
to go up against, meet; die
pereō, perīre, periī, peritum
to pass away, be destroyed, perish
redeō, redīre, rediī, reditum
to go back, return
interficiō, interficere, interfēcī, interfectum
to kill, murder
lícet, licḗre, lícuit
it is permitted (for someone to do sthg), one may
peregrīnor, peregrīnārī, peregrīnātus sum
to travel abroad, wander
requiēscō, requiēscere, requiēvī, requiētum
to rest
soleō, solēre, solitus sum
to be accustomed