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Our Christmas at Disneyland last year was the most _____ Christmas vacation I've ever had. No other Christmas before it was so full of interesting activities and sights.
The lady was ____ to see that her grandson's pet python had made a midnight snack of her old poodle.
Among all of the brown gingerbread people, he is an ____ that the others have rejected because of his blue color.
In case of a _____ of electricity, I advise you to keep a supply of small candles to light up the darkness with.
Odysseus, a ____________ sailor, took his crew and their ship to many strange islands.
It is important to consider the ____ flows, because when the waters are low, you will have no place to anchor your boat.
The white ____ that trails behind a moving boat is called the "wake."
The old, rusty car was in bad ____, so I was shocked when the salesman offered such a high price for it.
Julius Caesar did not suspect that his close friend, Brutus, would ____ him by stabbing him in the back with a dagger.
She's been good about staying on her diet, but, after three weeks of no sugar, Mandy is starting to ____ for glazed doughnuts.