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Nine bandits waited in the trees and bushes to ______ any travelers who would ride on the road at night.
We should ______ very carefully the benefits and disadvantages of owning a pet before buying one.
If we all ________ at least $5, then the charity will have enough money to buy Christmas gifts for all the children in the school.
If you haven't studied for a test, you might _______ going to school and be unable to eat your breakfast.
The store will _________ fifteen extra workers to help during the Christmas season.
An author can _______ his or her story by adding lots of vivid detail and interesting dialogue.
Just an hour away from the opening of the play, all of the actors were _______, because one actress still hadn't arrived at the theater.
The _______ reason I bought a car was to get to work more quickly, but the secondary reason was so that I can go on vacation more easily.
It is our class _______ that all students must have their desks clean and be sitting in their chairs before snacks are served.
The sting of a scorpion can ______ it's prey, which makes it easier to eat.
The foundations of the building weren't very ______, so it fell during the earthquake.
When a car comes to a stop sign, it must ______ to the cars passing in front of it.