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Traditional world maps are not ____ since they do not correctly show how large Africa is compared to other continents.
In many East and Southeast Asian countries, people set up shrines to remember their ____ who have died.
The alphabet is the most ____ part of English, so you cannot learn how to read or write English without first learning the alphabet.
Before the family got a new puppy, the larger dog was the center of attention, but now the older dog will ____ the puppy for the attention it used to get.
That disease has spread so much that now it is considered a(n) ____, so you should be careful not to inhale the virus.
As the rabbit lived into old age, he became ____ and wished he could run fast like he used to.
He is angry and might ____ the wall with his fist, which would make a big hole.
The children loudly ____ in the bouncy castle and don't worry at all about bumping into eachother.
Rice is a(n) ____ of the Southern Chinese diet, so without it you couldn't eat the many delicious dishes of Southern China.