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(Cloze Testing) VW: "Hiking the Appalachian Trail"

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Popular dances from the past will seem very ____ and embarrassing to do now, because the dances moves don't look very graceful to us.
A steam engine will ____ on the tracks as it moves along, and the sound will be very loud
The ____ knight wearing the expensive and unnecessary golden armor will politely greet the lady he is in love with.
Coffee that is ____ or even cold tastes bad, because coffee tastes best when it is hot.
He took a(n) ____ of boxed food on his hike, and there was a box of food for each meal of the day.
A hydroelectric dam has two uses; one is to make electricity, and the other use is to ____ water for future use.
The educated bear is either a(n) ____ of geography or biology, because he has both a globe and a microscope.
If you slowly barbecue food, then the flames should not be high, so you should let the charcoal ____ beneath the food.
The pitiful cat must ____ through the high and cold snow to get back home.
These female construction workers ____ their skills to help a needy family, and the family doesn't have to pay any money to the women.