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If a judge decides that you are guilty of a crime, she will ____ you of the crime and send you to jail.
When small children are naughty and throw tantrums, their mother must give them good ____ by giving a punishment and then kindly explaining why the child's behavior was wrong.
When Barack Obama became president of the United States, he was very ____ and seriously said that he would do all of the responsibilites that a president has.
If an evil genie is released from it's prison, someone must be very clever and ____ the genie back in the bottle or lamp.
Evolution is a(n) ____ process that takes a very long time, not a quick and easy process.
If you have to clean the house while your strict parents are watching tv, you might ____ but not complain very loudly.
You will find that it is difficult and dangerous to walk on ____ rocks but very easy to walk on smooth ones.
Before his son goes on the camping trip, the father will ____ his son with all of the necessary items the son needs for the trip.
President Theodore Roosevelt worked to make a(n) ____ between the two warring countries, Japan and Russia, to make them stop the war they were fighting.