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(Cloze Testing) VW: "Return of the Wolves"

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When hikers are in ____, they might light a flare to signal that they need help.
Be careful around here, or else someone might ____ you with slime, which will leave you completely wet and sticky.
Would you ____ on a desert cliff in an adobe, or would you prefer to live in a treehouse?
A(n) ____ wolf is too old to be a cub but not old enough to be an adult.
For her ____ performance in the spelling, she received a trophy for spelling a word that no other competitor could.
When you come to a stop light, you must cease driving, but when the light turns green, you can ____ to drive.
The scientists will ____ the bunny as a specimen they will observe in the wild by fitting it with a radio collar.
The baker lost her ring in the flour, so now she must ____ through the large bag of flour to find it.
Hunting video games are quite unrealistic because the government would never allow you to go on a hunting ____ and kill as many animals as you'd like.
You can see in the picture that it was the Christmas season, so the trick or treaters were ____ for Halloween festivities by two months.
Chocolate in large quantities is ____ for dogs to eat, so I recommend you find a treat more suitable for your canine.
There is a(n) ____ of coat colors to choose from when purchasing a labrador dog.