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A battleship was used as a(n) ____ to keep out enemy ships, but the enemy submarine could easily pass under the battleship.
The protestors of the American Revolution would ____ slogans telling listeners to fight against the unfair laws of the British government.
Don't be full of ____ and have no hope when you can't do something; just think of a plan and stick to it.
Stilts are long poles that some clowns walk on to ____ them above the crowd.
In a medieval jousting tournament, a knight would ride on his horse and try to knock his opponent down with a(n) ____.
In the old woodcut picture, you can see a(n) ____ of the Catholic church converting the chief of a Native American tribe.
It is meaningless and ____ to post a sign reminding visitors not to sit on a crocodile because no one is likely to try sitting on a crocodile.
Light will only ____ on a smooth and shiny surface.
Most of the trash you discard will eventually wind up at a dumping ____, also called a landfill.
Chemicals in the water are ____ poisons to fish.