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(Cloze Testing) VW: "Extreme Forces of Nature"

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As domesticated pigs turned feral or wild, they grew tusks, plus their fur began to ____.
Many species of beans and peas are smooth to the touch, but other species can feel rather ____.
Please ____ your trash in the trash receptacle, but don't throw it on the ground, whatever you do.
It is difficult to ____ your camera to make objects up close and in the back to appear sharper and clearer.
To help you ____ how much sugar one glass of soda contains, the diagram shows a glass with 16 cubes of sugar beside a glass of soda.
In ancient Greece, when intellectuals and artists needed someone to ____ them, many chose to pray to the Muses.
A convex lens is used to ____ small objects, but a concave lens is used to make large objects appear smaller.
If you want to study about tropical ____ life, reading a book about the Great Barrier Reef would be an excellent place to start.
In ancient China, the first earthquake detection device was invented, and would drop a ball should the Earth ____.
After deceitfully being tricked into running when then boy cried wolf, the villagers believed he was annoying and ____.