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(Cloze Testing) "By the Great Horn Spoon"

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The toddler made such a(n) ____ banging on the pots and pans that I couldn't get to sleep.
Beverages like sodas and other sweet drinks won't ____ your thirst, but water will.
The ships all ____ forward as the big wave passes beneath them, and many sailors fall on the deck.
Two of the symptoms of ____ is diarrhea and a headache, and this bacterial disease can only be cured with an antibiotic, not a vaccine.
In old cartoons, a(n) ____ is usually identifiable because he wears a long mustache and beams with a villainous grin.
Ring puzzles easily ____ most people because they can't take the rings apart, no matter how hard they try.
The unfortunate customers were duped (or tricked) by the ____ that the police captured after he ran away with a bag full of the customers' money.
That old children's story is about a(n) ____ little steam engine that refuses to give up and eventually pulls his cargo over a mountain.
A child's day is full of numerous ____ commands given by adults.
If you have a(n) ____ that someone is telling you a lie, you might raise one eyebrow and say, "Oh, really?"
The coach threw in the white towel, which meant that the boxer gave up, because the ____ boxer had no hope that he could defeat his opponent.
Cicadas and other insects that metamorphosize ____ or shed their old skin when they grow.
If you pass by an angry person screaming at a calm person, you might feel that the angry person is quite mean and ____ (not worthy to be liked).
The performer rides a monocyle across a tightrope, and she uses an umbrella to ____ herself.
The further a line of ____ is from the equator, the colder the weather, but the closer it is to the equator, the hotter the weather.
The ____ monster with bloody, sharp teeth camouflaged itself as a tree to ambush passersby.
Up until two centuries ago, many Irish people dreaded the cry of the ____ because they believed that she foretold a death in their family.
When people would rather delay doing their work, they shouldn't ____ on the front steps of their apartment but should find something useful to do instead.
Imagine working at a shoe factory and having lace shoestrings at least a thousand times a day; the ____ would be too much to take.
The satellite photo shows a(n) ____ hurricane about to hit the small islands.