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sabaah il-kheer
Good morning
sabaah in-nuur
Good morning
min fadlak, ween is-safaaral-Amriikiyya?
Please, where is the American Embassy?
hiyya bil-Karrada
It is in Karrada
min fadlak, ween il-bariid?
Please, where is the post office?
il-bariid qariib mnis-suug
The post office is near the market
tu9ruf ween findiq ir-Rashiid?
Do you know where is the Rashid Hotel?
na9am, findiq ir-Rashiid yamm il-bariid.
Yes, the Rashid Hotel is near the post office.
ween suug is-Safaafiir?
Where is the Safaafir market?
fii shaari9 ir-Rashiid.
On Rashid Street.
bi9iid loo qariib?
Is it far or near?
laa, muu bi9iid. mneen hadirtich?
No, it is not far. Where are you from?
aani min Los Angeles.
I am from Los Angeles.
ahlan wa sahlan fii Baghdad
Welcome to Baghdad.
shukran. ma9a s-salaama.
Thank you. Goodbye.
ma9a s-salaama.