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Arrival at Baghdad Airport, Part I

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masaa il-kheer.
Good afternoon.
masaa in-nuur. mneen hadirtich?
Good afternoon. Where are you from?
aani Amriikiyya jaayya min Los Angeles.
I am an American coming from Los Angeles.
il-baasbort, min fadlich.
The passport, please.
tfaddal haadha il-bassbort.
Here is the passport.
shukran. shgadd baaqya hnaa?
Thanks. How long are you staying here?
usbuueen, inshaalla
Two weeks, God willing.
shunu sabab iz-ziyaara?
What is the reason for the visit?
li-ziyaarat il-aathaar.
To visit antiquities.
tayyib, tfaddali l-baasport.
Fine, here is the passport.
shukran, fiimaanilla.
Thanks, goodbye.
safra saiida.
(Have) a good trip.