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Arrival at Baghdad Airport, Part II

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min fadlich, iftahi j-junta.
Please, open the luggage.
bi-kull suruur.
With pleasure.
ma9ich ashyaa mamnuu9a?
Do you have with you any illegal items?
laa walla, kullha malaabis shakhsiyya.
No, all are personal clothes.
shgadd ma9ich fluus?
How much money is with you?
ma9i hawaali alif duulaar.
With me are about one thousand dollars.
ma9ich kaamira aw jigaayir?
Do you have with you a camera or cigarettes?
9indi kaamira bass.
I have a camera only.
min fadlak, ween it-taksi?
Please, where is the taxi?
it-taksi hnaak giddaam il-mataar.
The taxi is over there in front of the airport.
shukran, ma9a s-salaama.
Thanks, goodbye.
safra sa9iida, inshaalla.
Have a good trip, God willing.