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Taking a Taxi

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ariid aruuh il-findiq ir-Rashiid
I want to go to the Rashid Hotel.
9ala 9eeni, tfaddali is9adi bis-sayyaara.
With pleasure, please get in the car.
aku 9addaad bis-sayyaara?
Is there a meter in the car?
laa, maaku 9addaad.
No, there is no meter.
shgadd il-ujra?
How much is the fare?
9ashir danaaniir
Ten dinars.
hiyya bil-Karrada
It is in Karrada
maykhaalif, tfaddali.
Fine, please (get in.)
il-findiq giriib loo bi9iid mnil-mataar?
Is the hotel near or far from the airport?
laa giriib wala bi9iid.
Neither near nor far.
shloona l-findiq?
How is the hotel?
daraja uulaa. wisalna, haadha huwwa l-findiq.
First class. We’ve arrived, this is the hotel.
shukran, haak il-ujra.
Thanks, take the fare.