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Doris Bures, Karlheinz Kopf, Norbert Hofer
President of Austria (college)
Christian Kern
Chancellor of Austria
Monarch of Belgium
Charles Michel
PM of Belgium
François Hollande
President of France
Manuel Valls
PM of France
Gérard Larcher
President of the Senate of France
Claude Bartolone
President of the National Assembly of France
Frank-Walter Steinmeier
President of Germany
Angela Merkel
Chancellor of Germany
Norbert Lammert
President of the Bundestag
Malu Dreyer
President of the Bundesrat
Andreas Voßkuhle
President of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany
Sergio Mattarella
President of Italy
Paolo Gentiloni
PM of Italy
Pietro Grasso
President of the Senate of the Republic
Laura Boldrini
President of the Chamber of Deputies
Monarch of Luxembourg
Xavier Bettel
PM of Luxembourg
Etienne Schneider
Deputy PM of Luxembourg
Monarch of the Netherlands
Mark Rutte
PM of the Netherlands
Felipe VI
Monarch of Spain
Mariano Rajoy
PM of Spain
Elizabeth II
Monarch of the UK
Theresa May
PM of the UK