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European organisations

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Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe
OSCE (Vienna)
European Free Trade Association
EFTA (Geneva)
European Broadcasting Union
EBU (Geneva)
European Central Bank
ECB (Frankfurt)
European External Action Service
EEAS (Brussels)
European Economic Social Committee
EESC (Brussels)
European Investment Bank
EIB (Luxembourg)
European Space Agency
ESA (Paris)
European Police Office
EUROPOL (The Hague)
Court of Justice of EU
CJEU (Luxembourg)
European Court of Auditors
ECA (Luxembourg)
Economic and Monetary Union
Union of European Football Associations
UEFA (Nyon)
European Data Protection Supervisor
EDPS (Brussels)
Baltic Assembly
BA (Riga)
Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation
BSEC (Istanbul)
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNESCO (Paris)
International Court of Justice
ICJ (The Hague)
European Economic Community
World Health Organisation
WHO (Geneva)
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NATO (Brussels)
European Organisation for Nuclear Research
CERN (Geneva)
United Nations Children's Emergency Fund
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
UNISDR (Geneva)
International Organisation for Migration
IOM (Geneva)
International Monetary Fund
IMF (Washington D.C.)
Organisation of Petroleum-Exporting Countries
OPEC (Vienna)
World Trade Organisation
WTO (Geneva)
International Criminal Police Organisation
Interpol (Lyon)
International Labour Organisation
ILO (Geneva)
World Bank Group
WBG (Washington D.C.)
World Food Programme
WFP (Rome)
United Nations