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British political parties

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Theresa May, George Osborne
Conservative Party (centre-right, soft euroscepticism)
Jeremy Corbyn, Tom Watson
Labour Party (centre-left)
Tim Farron
Liberal-Democrats (centre, pro-EU)
Nigel Farage (interim leader)
UK Independence Party (UKIP) (right-wing, euroscepticism)
Caroline Lucas, Jonathan Bartley
Green Party of England and Wales (left-wing, pro-EU)
Nicola Sturgeon
Scottish National Party (centre-left, pro-EU), First Minister of Scotland
Gerry Adams
Sinn Féin (left-wing)
Leanne Wood
Plaid Cymru (centre-left/left-wing, pro-EU)
Colum Eastwood
Social Democratic and Labour Party (centre-left, pro-EU)
Mike Nesbitt
Ulster Unionist Party (centre-right, soft euroscepticism)
no leader
Co-operative Party (centre-left)
Paul Nuttall
Ukip new leader (28/11/16)