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Paul Volcker
Former Federal Reserve Chairman (1979-1987)
Barney Frank
Chairman, Financial services committee U.S. House of Representatives
Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Former Managing Director International Monetary Fund
George Soros
Chairman Soros Fund Management
David McCormick
Undersecretary of the Treasury, Bush administration
Scott Talbott
Chief Lobbyist Financial Services roundtable
Andrew Sheng
Chief Advisor China Banking Regulatory Commission
Lee Hsien Loong
Singapore Prime Minister
Christine Lagarde
France Finance Minister (now Managing Director of the IMF)
Gillian Tett
U.S. Managing Editor The Financial Times
Nouriel Roubini
Senior economist Council of Economic Advisors (1998-2000), Professor NYU Business School
Glenn Hubbard
Chief Economic Advisor, Bush administration; Dena, Columbia Business School
Eliot Spitzer
Former Governor of New York (2007-2008), Former New York Attorney General (1997-2007)
Samuel Hayes
Professor Emeritus of Investment Banking Harvard Business School
Charles Morris
Author of "The Two Trillion Dollar Meltdown"
Donald Regan
Treasury Secretary (1981-1985)
Robert Gnaizda
Former Director Greenlining Institute
Robert Rubin
Vice-Chairman of Citigroup
Willem Buiter
Chief Economist Citigroup
Franklin Raines
President Clinton's Budget Director
Andrew Lo
Professor & Director MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering
Brooksley Born
Former chairwoman Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Clinton administration
Michael Greenberger
Former Deputy Director (1997-2000) Commodity Futures Trading Commission