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Satyajit Das
Derivatives Consultant, Author of "Traders, Guns & Money"
Phil Gramm (Senator)
Chairman Senate Banking Committee, then Vice-Chairman of UBS
Larry Summers
Treasure Secretary (1999-2001)
Alan Greenspan
Chairman Federal Reserve Board (1987-2006)
Frank Partnoy
Professor of Law and Finance, University of California
Eric Halperin
Director Center for Responsible Lending (Washington D.C.)
Martin Wolf
Chief Economics commentator The Financial Times
Raghuram Rajan
Chief Economist (2003-2007) IMF
Richard Fuld
CEO Lehman Brothers
Lawrence McDonald
Former Vice-President Lehman Brothers
Harvey Miller
Lehman's bankruptcy lawyer
Jeffrey Lane
Vice-Chairman Lehman Brothers (2003-2007)
Daniel Sparks
Former Mortgages Department Head Goldman Sachs
Fabrice Tourre
Executive Vice-President and CFO Goldman Sachs
Lloyd Blankfein
Chairman and CEO Goldman Sachs
David Viniar
Executive Vice-President and CFO Goldman Sachs
Sen. Tom Coburd
Ranking member Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Investigations
Bill Ackman
Hedge Fund Manager
Jerome Fons
Former Managing Director Moody's Rating Agency
Ben Bernanke
Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board (2006-2014)
Frederic Mishkin
Governor Federal Reserve (2006-2008)
Simon Johnson
Professor MIT, Former Chief Economist IMF
Henry Paulson
Former CEO Golden Sachs, Former Secretary of the Treasury George W. Bush administration
Martin Feldstein
Former Chief Economic Advisor, Reagan administration; AIG and AIG Financial Products Board of Directors (1988-2009)