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Bank of Italy
Italian national bank
Unicredit SpA
#1 in Italy
Intesa Sanpaolo
#2 in Italy
Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
#3 in Italy
Banca Monte dei Paschi
#4 in Italy
Banco Popolare Società Cooperativa
#5 in Italy
Bank of England
UK national bank
HSBC Holdings
#1 in the UK
#2 in the UK
Royal Bank of Scotland Group
#3 in the UK
Lloyds Banking Group
#4 in the UK
Standard Chartered
#5 in the UK
Federal Reserve System
US national bank
JP Morgan Chase & Co
#1 in the USA
Bank of America Corp
#2 in the USA
Wells Fargo & Co
#3 in the USA
#4 in the USA
Goldman Sachs Group
#5 in the USA
Morgan Stanley
#6 in the USA
U.S. Bancorp
#7 in the USA
Bank of New York Mellon
#8 in the USA
PNC Financial Services Group
#9 in the USA
Capital One Financial Corp
#10 in the USA
European Central Bank (ECB)
The central bank for the euro
HSBC Holdings (UK)
#1 in Europe
BNP Paribas (France)
#2 in Europe
Deutsche Bank (Germany)
#3 in Europe
Crédit Agricole Group (France)
#4 in Europe
Barclays PLC (UK)
#5 in Europe
World Bank Group
The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development + the International Development Association
JP Morgan Chase & Co (US)
#1 international bank (by market capitalization)
Wells Fargo (US)
#2 international bank (by market capitalization)
Bank of America Corp (US)
#3 international bank (by market capitalization)
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) (China)
#4 international bank (by market capitalization)
China Construction Bank (China)
#5 international bank (by market capitalization)