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without a lot of bricks and mortar
Companies that are not very solid or reliable.
glammed up
Made up and groomeed so as to look good.
retail therapy
Going shopping to make yourself feel good.
The incidence of sustantial losses on the stock market.
to have ticks in all the right boxes
Referred to an appraisal, it means that the person has performed well in all the important aspects of their job.
the big hitters
Those who make a lot of money for the company.
to look at the big picture
Not lose sight of the operation as a whole.
Low-paying, low-prestige jobs that require few skills.
the bottom line is
The basic inescapable truth is...
Putting in a good word on behalf of someone.
attractive package
Non-cash remuneration.
Relocation of production, manufacturing, or services to another country.
Praise, congratulations.
With the customer in mind.
to have a long tail
Referred to a product that starts slowly but does well over the years.
a SWAT team
A team of experts to deal with a specific problem.
to play musical chairs
To move people from one organization or job to another.
Good Old Party (GOP)
= US Republican Party
the silo mentality
Working as completely separate units or teams in the company.
to upskill
To teach the staff new abilities.