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He fell backward.
Той падна назад.
He felt at home.
Чувстваше се (като) у дома си.
He fell in love with her at first sight.
Той се влюби в нея от пръв поглед.
He fell in love with her.
Той се влюби в нея.
He filled the bottle with water.
Той напълни бутилката с вода.
He finally got his wish.
Той накрая постигна желанието си.
He forgot to turn off the light.
Той забрави да изключи светлината.
He found his father lying in the kitchen.
Той намери баща си лежащ в кухнята.
He found his parents.
Той намери родителите си.
He found the box under the table.
Той намери кутията под масата.
He gave in to the temptation.
Той се отдаде на изкушението.
He gave it to me.
Той ми даде това.
He gave it to me for nothing.
Той ми го даде за нищо.
He gave us quite a lot of trouble.
Той ни докара (даде) доста неприятности.
He gets a haircut once a month.
Той се подстригва веднъж месечно.