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He gets mad very easily.
Той се ядосва (полудява) много лесно.
He goes to school by bicycle.
Той отива на училище с велосипед.
He goes to school by bus.
Той отива на училище с автобус.
He got a loan from the bank.
Той взе (получи) заем от банката.
He got a lot of money.
Той получи много пари.
He got angry.
Той се ядоса.
He got engaged to my cousin.
Той се сгоди за братовчедка ми.
He got into his car in a hurry.
Той се качи в колата си бързо
He got the first prize.
Той получи първа награда.
He had a bitter experience.
Той имаше горчив опит.
He had a strange dream.
Той имаше странен сън.
He had a strong alibi.
Той имаше силно алиби.
He had already gone.
Той вече беше заминал.
He had dark brown hair.
Той имаше тъмно кафява коса.
He had just arrived.
Той току-що е пристигнал (тогава).