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We were worried
Бяхме притеснени
Were you crying?
Ти плачеше ли?
We were bored
Ние бяхме отегчени
We were lost
Бяхме загубени
They were killed.
Те бяха убити (погубени).
They were murdered.
Те бяха убити
They were sleeping.
те спяха
Were you injured?
бяхте ли ранени?
Were you involved?
Бяхте ли замесени?
Were you listening?
Слушахте ли?
Were you prepared?
Бяхте ли подготвен?
Were you scared?
Бяхте ли изплашен?
Were you sleeping?
Спяхте ли?
Were you watching?
Гледахте ли?
You were asleep.
Ти беше заспал