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You were jealous.
Ти беше ревнив
You were exaggerating.
Ти преувеличаваше
Were you frightened?
Бяхте ли стреснат (изплашен)?
Were you sincere?
Бяхте ли искрен?
We were robbed.
Бяхме ограбени.
Why were you late?
Защо си закъснял?
Where were you going?
Къде отивахте?
Why were you there?
Защо бяхте там?
The doors were closed.
Вратите бяха затворени.
So where were you?
Е, къде бяхте?
Why were you fired?
Защо бяхте уволнен?
They were not impressed.
Те не бяха очаровани.
We were just going.
Тъкмо отивахме.
They were both drunk.
И двамата бяха пияни.
Both brothers were there.
Двамата братя бяха там