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You were totally right.
Ти беше напълно прав.
You were so awesome.
Бяхте толкова страхотни.
You were too young.
Ти беше твърде млад.
We were so worried.
Бяхме толкова притеснен.
We were so close.
Бяхме толкова близо.
What were you expecting?
Какво очаквахте?
Who were you expecting?
Кого очаквахте?
Where were you sitting?
Къде седяхте?
Where were you hiding?
Къде се криехте?
What were you saying?
Какво казвахте?
What were they doing?
Какво правеха те?
What were we doing?
Какво правехме?
Hey, where were you?
Ей, къде бяхте?
What were you drinking?
Какво пиеше ти?
What were we talking about?
За какво си говорехме?