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I wish I were younger.
Иска ми се да бях по-млад.
What were you doing then?
Какво правеше тогава?
Were you home last night?
Бяхте ли вкъщи снощи?
You were right after all.
Прав беше в края на краищата.
Who were you talking to?
На кого (с кого) говореше?
All were invited but me.
Всички бяха поканени, без мен.
What were you fired for?
За какво бяхте уволнен?
Were you looking at him?
Търсехте ли го?
Were you expecting something else?
Очаквахте ли нещо друго?
I knew you were coming.
Знаех, че идваш.
What were you thinking about?
За какво си мислеше?
Were you worried about me?
Бяхте ли притеснен за мен?
We were all very thirsty.
Всички бяхме много жадни.
I assumed you were busy.
Предположих, че си бил зает.
I guess you were wrong.
Предполагам, че си сгрешил.