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Where were you all night?
Къде беше цяла нощ?
We were waiting for you.
Чакахме ви.
We were all very touched.
Всички бяхме много трогнати.
It seems you were right.
Изглежда ти беше прав.
Were you here all night?
Бяхте ли тук цяла нощ?
Were you listening to me?
Слушахте ли ме?
Who were you looking for?
Кого търсехте?
We were nearly frozen to death.
Бяхме почти замръзнали до смърт.
Her eyes were filled with tears.
Очите й бяха пълни със сълзи.
I know what you were doing.
Знам какво правеше ти
We were children at that time.
Бяхме деца по онова време.
What were you doing in there?
Какво правеше там?
That's what we were thinking.
Това е, което си мислехме.
Where were you going to go?
Къде щяхте да отидете?
Who do you think they were?
Кои си мислиш, че бяха те?