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I was embarrassed.
Бях смутен.
I was captured.
Аз бях заловен
He was speaking.
Той говореше.
He was patient.
Той беше търпелив.
He was cheating.
Той мамеше
He was acquitted.
Той бе оправдан.
She was brave.
Тя беше смела.
It was night.
Беше нощ.
That was fun.
Беше забавно.
He was standing.
Той стоеше.
Was it interesting?
Беше ли интересно?
It was convenient.
Беше удобно.
It was urgent.
Беше спешно
I was hired.
Бях нает
Everyone was satisfied.
Всички бяха доволни.