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That was close.
За малко.
I was furious.
Бях бесен.
I was astonished.
Бях удивен.
I was dizzy.
Бях замаян.
I was welcomed.
Аз бях приветстван.
That was stupid.
Това беше глупаво.
Everyone was stunned.
Всички бяха слисани.
What was it?
Какво беше това?
That was great.
Това беше страхотно.
Who was that?
Кой беше това?
When was that?
Кога беше това?
What was inside?
Какво имаше вътре?
I was dismissed.
Аз бях отхвърлен.
I was sleeping.
Аз спях.
I was worried.
Бях притеснен.