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I was anxious.
Бях развълнуван.
I was dreaming.
Аз мечтаех.
I was frustrated.
Бях разочарован.
I was shaken.
Бях разклатен
I was lying.
Аз лежах.
I was hunting.
Аз ловувах
Blood was everywhere.
Кръвта беше навсякъде
Everyone was horrified.
Всички бяха ужасени.
Everyone was smiling.
Всеки се усмихваше
Everyone was speechless.
Всички бяха безмълвни
Everyone was tense.
Всички бяха напрегнати.
I was afraid.
Бях изплашен.
I was ashamed.
Бях засрамен.
I was assaulted.
Бях нападнат.
I was bluffing.
Аз блъфирах.