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I was concerned.
Бях загрижен.
I was convicted.
Аз бях осъден.
I was detained.
Аз бях задържан.
I was distracted.
Аз бях разсеян.
I was drugged.
Бах упоен (дрогиран).
I was frightened.
Бях уплашен.
I was hiding.
Аз се криех.
I was kidding.
Шегувах се.
That was inevitable.
Това беше неизбежно.
Where was everyone?
Къде бяха всички?
That was horrible.
Това беше ужасно.
That was significant.
Това беше значително.
I was cleaning.
Аз почиствах.
It was predictable.
Това беше предвидимо.
Was it necessary?
Беше ли необходимо?