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I was thinking.
Аз си мислех.
It was tough.
Беше трудно.
It was excessive.
Беше прекомерно.
Something was happening.
Нещо се случваше.
that was evident
това беше явно (очевидно).
Nothing was changed.
Нищо не беше променено.
Who was responsible?
Кой беше отговорен?
I was devastated.
Бях опустошен.
Everything was stolen.
всичко беше откраднато.
Has anything changed?
Променило ли се е нещо?
Has something happened?
Случило ли се е нещо?
Spring has come.
Пролетта е дошла
Everybody has weaknesses.
Всеки има слабости.
Who has come?
Кой е дошъл?
Everyone has secrets.
Всеки има тайни.