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Nothing has changed.
Нищо не се е променило.
Has it arrived?
Пристигнало ли е (то)?
It has happened.
Случило се е
Nothing has happened.
Нищо не се е случило.
Someone has died.
Някой е умрял.
Something has happened.
Нещо се е случило.
What has happened?
Какво се е случило?
Who has it?
Кой го има? (чие е това?)
Who has time?
Кой има време?
Has anybody come?
Дошъл ли е някой?
Business has improved.
Бизнесът се е подобрил
Everyone has problems.
Всеки има проблеми.
Has someone died?
Починал ле е някой?
Has something changed?
Променило ли се е нещо?
Has anything strange happened?
Случило ли се е нещо странно?