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He has been busy.
Той е бил зает.
Has he returned yet?
Върнал ли се е той все пак?
Has he come yet?
Дошъл ли е той все пак?
Has he gone already?
Заминал ли си е (той) вече?
Has he arrived yet?
Пристигнал ли е все пак?
Has he arrived already?
Пристигнал ли е вече?
He has excellent reflexes.
Той има отлични рефлекси.
He has gone out.
Той е излязъл.
He has a beard.
Той има брада.
He has gone mad.
Той се е побъркал.
He has ten cows.
Той има десет крави
He has broad shoulders.
Той има широки рамене.
He has acted wisely.
Той е действал разумно.
She has short hair.
Тя има къса коса
Where has she gone?
Къде отишла тя?