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She has gone abroad.
Тя отишла в чужбина.
She has gone out.
тя излязла
She has lost weight.
Тя загубила тегло (отслабнала)
She has gone shopping.
Тя отишла на пазаруване
She has attractive eyes.
Тя има привлекателни очи.
The ice has melted.
Ледът се разтопил
The wind has abated.
Вятърът стихнал
The fog has lifted.
Мъглата се вдигнала
The mail has arrived.
Мейлът е пристигнал.
It has cooled off.
Захладняло е
The location has changed.
Мястото се променило.
The clock has stopped.
Часовникът спрял.
She has few friends.
Тя има няколко приятели.
Has he failed again?
Той отново ли се провалил?
He has a car.
Той има кола.