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He has boozy breath.
Той има пиян дъх.
The snow has melted.
Снегът се разтопил
Everyone has his price.
Всеки има своята цена.
Why has this happened
Защо се е случило това?
She has forgiven him.
Тя му простила
Iceland has many volcanoes.
Исландия има много вулкани.
She has no manners.
Тя няма маниери
He has strange ideas.
Той има странни идеи.
My university has dormitories.
Моят университет има общежития.
My college has dormitories.
Колежът ми има общежития.
Has anybody been shot?
Бил ли е прострелян някой?
Mom has a fever.
Мама има треска.
Somebody has to talk.
Някой трябва да говори
It has to stop.
Това трябва да спре.
Who has the gun?
Чий е пистолета?