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Everything has been arranged.
Всичко било уредено.
Everybody has bad dreams.
Всеки има лоши сънища.
Has something else happened?
Случило ли се е нещо друго?
Has something good happened?
Сличило ли се е нещо хубаво?
Everybody has already left.
Всеки вече е напуснал.
Rainy season has begun.
Дъждовният сезон е започнал.
It has a leak.
Има теч.
The cavalry has arrived.
Кавалерията пристигнала.
Something terrible has happened.
Нещо ужасно се случило.
Has it been damaged?
Повреждано ли е било?
Nobody has to know.
Никой не трябва да знае.
My opinion has changed.
Моето мнение се променило.
No one has anything.
Никой няма нищо.
Something has gone wrong.
Нещо не било наред.
Everyone has been there.
Всеки е бил там.