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The pond has dried up.
Езерцето пресъхнало.
The pond has frozen over.
Езерцето замръзнало.
The train has just left.
Влакът тъкмо заминал.
His aunt has three cats.
Леля му има три котки.
He has broken the record.
Той счупил рекорда.
He has already gone out.
Той вече е излязъл.
He has already said yes.
Той вече е казал да.
He has just come back.
Той тъкмо се върнал.
He has already gone home.
Той вече си е отишъл у дома.
He has a big mouth.
Той има голяма уста.
He has a bad temper.
Той има лош характер.
He has a long nose.
Той има дълъг нос.
He has his own room.
Той има своя собствена стая.
He has lost his job.
Той загубил работата си.
He has a bad heart.
Той има лошо сърце