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Who got it, finally
Кой го получи, накрая?
what happened?
какво се случи?
What happened the first time?
Какво се случи първия път?
Did he blow it or was he successful
Издъни ли се той или беше успешен?
Did he drop his tools
Изпусна ли той инструментите си?
He blew it
Той се издъни
Did he make a big mistake
Направи ли той голяма грешка?
Did he want to buy his own motorcycle
Искаше ли той да си купи свой собствен мотоциклет?
He followed the rules
Той спазваше правилата
He invented what?
Той изобрети какво?
He learned something from the experience
Той научи нещо от опита
He was scared
Той беше уплашен
He was petrified
Той беше вцепенен
He was afraid
той се страхуваше
He was an obedient worker
Той беше послушен работник