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He was an office worker
Той беше работник в офис
What did he want to build
Какво искаше той да построи
I was stupid
Бях глупав
I made a big mistake
Направих голяма грешка
It was an amazing invention
Това беше едно невероятно изобретение
Who was obedient
Кой беше послушен?
Who became a rebel
Кой стана бунтар?
You're a failure
Ти си провал
You're so damn stupid
Ти си толкова дяволски глупав
because he became a rebel
защото той стана бунтар
Did he create a new toothbrush
Дали той създаде нова четка за зъби?
Did he finally understand how to succeed
Дали той най-накрая разбра как да успее?
Did he keep his job or was he fired
Запази ли той работата си или бе уволнен?
Did he learn from each new attempt
Учеше ли той от всеки нов опит?
How did he blow it
Как той се издъни?